as each day requires

My oldest son came to me yesterday and said that he wished our move would hurry up and come.  Either we move now or we just didn’t move because he didn’t know what to do tomorrow.  I tried to help him understand that we wouldn’t know anything definite for the next few weeks.  But I understand how he feels.  It’s hard to make plans when you just don’t know.

1 Kings 8:54-61  When Solomon finished praying this entire prayer and petition to the Lord, he got up from kneeling before the altar of the Lord, with his hands spread out toward heaven, and he stood and blessed the whole congregation of Israel with a loud voice:  “May the Lord be praised! He has given rest to His people Israel according to all He has said. Not one of all the good promises He made through His servant Moses has failed.  May the Lord our God be with us as He was with our ancestors. May He not abandon us or leave us so that He causes us to be devoted to Him, to walk in all His ways, and to keep His commands, statutes, and ordinances, which He commanded our ancestors.  May my words I have made my petition with before the Lord be near the Lord our God day and night, so that He may uphold His servant’s cause and the cause of His people Israel, as each day requires, and so that all the peoples of the earth may know that Yahweh is God. There is no other!   Let your heart be completely devoted to the Lord our God  to walk in His statutes and to keep His commands, as it is today.”

I love a great blessing!  I love to know that someone is saying good things about me or asking God for good things for me.  My heart also longs to know that God will always be with me and never abandon me or my family.

What made me pause and go yes, today, yes?  Towards the end of verse 59 – 60 “as each day requires”.  The older NIV version reads “according to each day’s need”.   So that all of the heart may know that the Lord is God and there is no other.  That everyone may know that Yahweh is God.  As it is today.

He is going to make sure that I and my family have exactly what we need for today, then tomorrow He’ll take care of tomorrow.  I can trust in that because I know that God is like no other and no one, nothing, will ever be like God.  That means I can live for today.

We are still looking at moving and I do need to make preparations to get ready for this move but I can relax and know that we can plan for just what today requires.  And I can continue to teach my children to relax, as it is today.


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