I Turned My Head for Two Seconds…

In light of the news and everyones comments, this mom so wonderfully says what I want to say. Thank you.

Chrissy Herrell's Bloggapalooza

“I turned my head for two seconds…”

Boy, is that a phrase I’ve uttered a time or two or twenty as a parent. Maybe all you perfect parents haven’t ever said that, but I bet like me, you have plenty of times.

Your kid go in the kitchen and spill milk or juice or flour or cereal or sugar or diaper rash cream all over the floor while your eyeballs were averted for two seconds?

Your precious tot go play in the toilet water while you were looking at your phone or washing dishes for two seconds?

Did your ornery little munchkin go hide in the clothing rack at a department store when you were checking a price tag for two seconds and make you feel the panic of your life when you thought he may have got in the elevator to go to the bottom floor (or out into…

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