Good Good Father

God is a Good Father

The boys and I went on a long road trip – 3 weeks!  We had so much fun camping along the way and just being tourists and watching the hand of God.

On our way home the song Good Good Father came on the radio and the boys and I started discussing how God is a good father.

I knew that the Pacific coast would be cold at night and we had some blankets to keep us warm while we slept.  Half way through the country (and the trip) we had yet to use those blankets.  The night was more than warm enough so we needed nothing more than a sheet as covering.

While camping in Mosquito City a man approached us.  He had two heavy king size blankets.  They had been left previously from another camper and he had no need for them but wanted us to have them.  In 90 degree heat I felt absolutely no need for them but smiled, thank him, and then threw them in the car not thinking anymore about them.

Until we needed them just the next night.  Once on the coast the nights got down to the low 50’s.  The wool blankets I brought didn’t do the job.  We needed something extra.  God knew we would.

Psalm 103:13  As a father has compassion on his children, so the Lord has compassion on those who fear him


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