Michal.  I wonder about her when her name is brought up.  This morning I read the account in 2 Samuel 6:23 “And Michal daughter of Saul had no children to the day of her death”.  Was it because God closed her womb?  Scripture doesn’t say.  I suspect, though, that it was because she came to despise David so much that the relationship was severed.

Just above that in verse 16 it says that she despised him, David, in her heart.  How does she go from being in love with David, 1 Samuel 18:20, to despising him?

She was a princess but what kind of relationship did she have with her father?  Even though she was in love with David did he love her back with the same intensity?  What was her relationship with Palatial like, her second husband?  Was that love or political?  Was she angry, hurt, when she was taken away from him and taken back to David?  How she must of felt pain when she heard about David taking other wives all the while he had left her in her father’s house.  Did she experience shame or ridicule for that?

I will never know the whole story about Michal or all the events that surrounded her life but I do know that God has given me enough. I know that there is more to her story, more that I can learn to make my relationship with God and my husband better.

I know that she didn’t follow God, 1 Samuel 19:13.  No where in scripture am I told that she made inquiry to the Lord.  On the contrary she had idols.  Had she followed God then she may not of pursued marriage to David (1 Sam 18:20) inquired of the Lord and felt confident in God’s plan.  Had she followed God then there would have been something in common that she would of shared with David and been able to worship with him.


I know that she was outspoken because she showed no fear when approaching her father about her love for David and when she approached David with her contempt.  She was so pissed off that she didn’t even let David enter the house before  bringing the fight to him, in public.

Looking at this woman’s life I can understand the range of emotions that she must of felt, from new love to disappointment to bitterness.  I also understand that if I let my emotions over ride my relationship with God then I’m going to find myself estranged from my husband.  Leaving me with no relationship at all.

I found a really helpful article at https://www.biblegateway.com/resources/all-women-bible/Michal

I must remember, for myself, that even though my heart initially goes out to Michal, that I must not get caught up in strong desires to have my husband love me but to desire to have my God love me.  I must find my joy in that and allow Jesus to be my relationship and love first.



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