almost disaster

I read through 1 Samuel 22 – 25 and felt so much hope and relief!

I’m reading through and I see that David has inquired of the Lord for every decision.  This man is rocking it!  He’s cool, calm, and collected and I’m starting to feel extremely unspiritual.

I can’t even begin to count how many decision I make during the day that I haven’t prayed over.  Oh and when I’m tired!  I think you can imagine how quick I am to raise my voice just a bit with each decision or just how bark-y my orders can get with my boys.  But not David.   Even when his men (23:3) are wanting David to put on the brakes tell him “Here in Judah we are afraid.  How much more, then, if we go to Keilah against the Philistine forces!”.  See the exclamation point?  These men were not excited about going and saving another community when they are afraid for themselves.  That doesn’t deter David from going back to God and being willing to follow God’s directions.

During this whole time David even has Jonathan showing up (23:16) to help him find strength in God and remind him who he is!

And now here is the part that I’m like oh!  oh! oh!!  David hit his breaking point.  I can so relate to this!  I’ve hit a sweet spot in the day, had my victory and then someone comes along and disrespects me!  Don’t they know that Satan has been on my back all week long?  Don’t they know that last night I only had a few hours of sleep because my oldest became fearful in the night, woke me up for comfort and then the baby crawled in bed with me a few hours before I was to get up and get everyone off to a learning opportunity?!  But I did it, everyone was fed, teeth brushed and out the door. I wasn’t even worried that I forgot deodorant.  I’m feeling safe and in a good spot.  I even got a morning scripture in from email!

Then someone just comes along and even though I let them cut in front of me in traffic they still flipped me off!  That woman who obviously was in a hurry to get into the check out line walked right in front of me to get ahead of me and didn’t even look back at me!  My middle child is giving me a hard time because he thinks he knows it all!  My husband came through the door all happy about something he thinks he just discovered but I told him about it months ago!  The kids are fighting over a toy gun and I lost it.  I took the gun, broke it in half, and then handed it back to them.

Oh yeah, I know exactly how David wanted to just kill something!  I’m not even shocked when I read that David said (25:22) “if by morning I leave alive one make of all who belong to him!”  David is so mad that he invokes a curse upon himself!  Yea, I’ve been that mad before.

I’m grateful for these scriptures.  As David is huffing and puffing about what he’s going to do along comes Abigail.  She saves him and he sees that.  In 1 Samuel 25:32-34  David blesses her for her good judgement and acknowledges that it was God who sent her in the first place.

Ok, I’m not mad anymore.  David doesn’t avenge himself and neither will I.  David lets God  make things right and so will I.   We all know that evil man dies from a heart attack and David gets the girl.  I’m not hoping that everyone who crosses my path wrong dies and I only need one husband so I guess I’m good.  Thank you God.