not alone

Reading 1 Samuel 21 I am a little bewildered.  David behavior isn’t adding up to what I think “a man after God’s own heart” should be behaving like.   And I in my mind I am thinking that David isn’t really one of the cool kids.

I like to talk.  When I’m out and about I will talk to anyone who gives me eye contact.  I love talking with people!  And that has led to some incredible God moments.  It’s also left me with some not so God moments where I’ve walked away upset with myself for saying something stupid, trying to please another person or just feeling like I dishonored myself and God.

Not David.  He was careful with his words, what he said.  David’s life is challenging.   He was running for his life and he was careful.  Granted in verses of 1 Samuel 21:2-3, 5-6 we see David lying to Ahimelech the priest but we also see him being careful to not put himself in danger with his words.  As I read through chapter 21 I think that David is alone and that he has to be careful that he doesn’t let anyone know he’s alone.

After leaving the priest he went to Achish king of Gath.

I’m sure this whole situation played out differently in David’s mind.  I think he went to Achish thinking he was going to get rest, security, peace, but in reality he ended up playing the part of a madman!  A drooling, door clawing madman.  In my mind this is not the behavior of a man who has been anointed by God!  Shouldn’t things be going better for him?  He’s been anointed!  Shouldn’t he already be sitting on the throne?   If not then shouldn’t he have angels surrounding him, protecting him?  Keeping him from making a fool of himself?

But David isn’t alone.  He knows he just needs to wait.  1 Samuel 22:3b “until I learn what God will do for me?”.    He knows that God is going to speak and he’s willing to wait.  He knows that he’s God’s anointed so he’s not concerned with what he looks like to other people, he’s not trying to make friends with everyone else.  He knows he’s got God and that’s enough.

David wrote Psalm 34 when he pretended to be insane before Ablimelech.  We can really see his heart, his love, when we read through Psalm 34.

Father, today I want to sing your praises at all times just as David!  May my soul boast in You letting all those who ache, mourn, hurt, or suffer feel Your undying love, glorying Your name Lord.  May we seek You, allowing You to answer us, allowing You to deliver us from our fears.  Thank You God, Thank You Jesus.  Our deliverer.  Amen.


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