Yesterday I read through 1 Samuel 18-20.  Today I re-read this section because I am so blown away at David and Jonathon’s friendship.  Their relationship is amazing!  Especially for men.  They go from wars and killing everything before them to loving each other as they loved themselves (18:1).  Relationships like that between women are rare but ever more rare between men.

Talking with my husband the only guy we could think of that would be manly and yet tender and warm as David was Bear Grylis.  A man who seems comfortable in dangerous situations but cares deeply for those with him and their safety.  Now I know he’s a tv personality but when he is out in the wild doing his thing he seems genuinely interested and caring for the other person with them and their safety.

As I think about relationships, besides my husband and children,  I am grateful.  It wasn’t too long ago when we were living in another state and I felt so alone.  We knew a few people but no one that I was close to.  No one I felt I could talk to.   Making it worse my dear husband was traveling a lot.  The boys and I felt very alone. When we were preparing to move back to Ohio we prayed.  We prayed for relationships that would be strong, relationships were people knew us, drawing us closer to God and to each other.

I’m grateful to say that we have this now.  My sons have relationships that are growing.  My husband and I are enjoying relationships that involve God.  A church that our family can thrive in.  Not a perfect church but a church that loves God.

I pray that my sons can grow up having strong bonds that will draw them closer to God.  But I also pray that my relationships continue to grow, drawing myself and my friends closer to God.


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