Have you ever had a friend that you wondered why they were your friend?  And I’m not talking about when we have insecurities thinking we aren’t good enough.  I’m talking about someone who is hanging around and you aren’t sure of their motives.   Do they like you and your company or are they there because of something you can offer, because you might hold a certain position?  Maybe your are that friend, hanging out with someone for the wrong reasons because they hold a position in your church and you want people to think you are spiritual because you’re friends with that person.  You try to stay close to the boss so that things could possibly be advantageous for you.

I thought about this as I read about Jonathon and his young armor-bearer and their relationship.  This young man would of been assigned to Jonathon.  He might not of had a choice or he might of volunteered for the position.  Either way because of his position he would be with Jonathon all the time.  It would be easy to walk around all puffed up because he served someone of importance but we can see that this young man’s character was that of devotion to God and to Jonathon.

1 Samuel 14:7b “Go ahead; I am with you heart and soul”.

They were getting ready to head into battle.  Death was a possibility.  He believed in God and in Jonathon.   He wasn’t following blindly or out of obligation.  He was devoted heart and soul.  So much so that verse 13 tells us that “his armor-bearer followed and killed behind him”.

This is the relationship I pray that my sons grow up experiencing.  That they would be and have friends that would be with them heart and soul.  Not afraid to face the battle together.

I praise God that I have girlfriends I know are not afraid to face the battle with me as well.  And I am not afraid to be in the battle with them either!

I am blessed.



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