1 Samuel 13:12b …and I have not sought the Lord’s favor.  So I felt compelled to offer the burnt offering.

We moved.  We moved to be closer to family.  We have the right motives, our desires were not impure.  From the outside our move even looked noble.  Our family was getting older and we wanted to try and establish relationships, be closer to parents.

It turned out disastrous.  Feelings were hurt, misunderstanding arose everywhere.  One Christmas almost was cancelled because of the family fighting.  We felt alone.  After a few months we knew that the hand of God had not been with this move.

After everything went horribly wrong we felt compelled to see the Lord.  Had we sought the Lord first we wouldn’t have moved.  The relationships that were distant are now almost nonexistent.  It’s heartbreaking.

But when we looked to God for guidance, when we started listening to His voice again, He moved us back to where we had moved from.  He re-established our relationships, He brought us to where He said home was.  And life is so much richer for us.


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