Raising Boys

“Raising Boys” I pray this encourages us moms whose relationships with our sons are moving into a new phase and emotionally we are adjusting to their needs. I am reading through 1 Samuel and my heart jumped for joy for Hannah (and myself) this morning. Yesterday my heart ached when I thought of Hannah, desperately wanting a child so much that from the bitterness of her soul (1:10) she prayed for a child and she made a vow to the Lord. She physically gave her son to God after he was weened and visited yearly with a new robe. I’ve read this before and thought this was it. Decided that this could not be me. Thinking that this was pretty much the relationship she had with him. I know after Samuel she had 3 more sons and 2 more daughters but Come On! Samuel was her first born baby. Her answer to prayer.

Then I read 1 Samuel 7:17 this morning. “But he always went back to Ramah, where his home was”. No matter where God lead Samuel, no matter how many business trips he had to take, he always came home. Hannah had a deeper relationship with her son. She was able to develop a relationship with her daughter-in-law, hold her grandchildren, watch Samuel grow as a leader.

Just because we let go of our sons, encouraging them to be a part of the bigger “tribe”, dedicating them to God, this doesn’t mean the relationship is not as important, that we aren’t important, or even over. They will always come back to where home is. Our relationship with our boys will change, more than we want it to, but none the less, that relationship with us will be something they need for the rest of their lives.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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