Some of the most important relationships that have brought me closer to God are mentor/disciple relationships.

I have had some women come into my life that I just want to draw closer to and spend lots of time with. Women who seem to know just what I need to hear, who wrap their arm in mine and we walk together. I’ve also had wonderful women in my life that left me asking God what did I need to learn and could I please learn it quickly!

I see this happening with Naomi and her daughter-in-laws, Orpah and Ruth. Orpah and Ruth were in the same situation, both of them were looking at the same future with Naomi, but handled it very differently. One would run back to her gods and the other would hold fast to her God.

Just like Orpah, there have been times when I’ve faced a situation that looked impossible, stressful, downright unpleasant, and I’ve accepted an out. I didn’t trust God.

But Ruth, she had a heart of dedication. Through Naomi she came to know God for she said “your God my God”. Looking at her resolve to remain with Naomi, Ruth went so far to say “Where you die I will die”. Ruth was so determined that she was willing to leave everything behind her, everything she knew and put herself under the direction of Naomi, even to the point of death.

I recently watched the movie “War Room”. As I watched the relationship with Elizabeth and Ms. Clara develop, their relationship again reminded me that these are the relationships that God wants us to have with each other. Relationships where we are devoted to each other and we draw each other closer to God. No matter how difficult life gets.

I am so grateful to have these relationships in my life. Women who draw me closer to them and call me closer to God. These relationships bring me joy and laughter but these relationships also challenge me to draw closer to God so that I can also be there for another woman with prayer and scripture.

If you don’t have these relationships in your life today I pray that you read through the book of Ruth. I pray that as you study these relationships out you yourself begin to pray to either find a Naomi or that Ruth for your life. Devoting yourself to finding a mentoring relationship or to be a mentor.


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