Judges 17 & 18

Today I was reading though Judges 17 & 18. The first thing that stood out to me was that everyone was doing as they saw fit. There was no inquiry of the Lord, even the priest that Micah asked if he would be his father never made an inquiry of the Lord.

The first mentioned of Micah was in Judges 17. What little mention of his family life really tells a lot. There is no mention of whose son he is. That makes me wonder if either he grew up with no father or his father wasn’t worth mentioning either for the good or the bad. I lean more to thinking he doesn’t have a father in his life because a Levite comes into the picture in verse 5 and in verse 10 Micah was asking this Levite to be his father and his priest. He has such a deep desire for a paternal connection, that someone who he just met, he is asking them to fulfill that void in his life.

Then looking at his mother breaks my heart. Here is her son, I’m thinking he might be her only child since no other siblings are mentioned, and he’s stolen from her. At first she didn’t know it was him and he heard her utter a curse but then when he tells her that he’s the one who stole it, good grief, she then blesses him and makes him a carved image and idol.  It’s clear as to the direction this mom is leading her child but she is doing as she sees fit.

Where is God in this family’s life? They sound religious. They are doing religious things. They want the Lord’s blessings but it’s not to the Lord they are seeking direction or advice from.

Advice is so important. Proverbs 12:5, 12:15, 19:20, 20:18 all give warnings regarding advice and that advice can either lead us to false religion or to God.


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