Jephthah, Judges 10 & 11. Jephthah was a mighty warrior but his mom was a prostitute, his brothers drove him away from his family. He knew they hated him but yet they used him because he had something to offer.

This man, this mighty warrior, he reminds me of my childhood growing up. I grew up feeling hated by some of my family members because of choices my mother had made when I was just an infant. I felt embarrassed around town because my mother was an addict. I felt shame in my family name. I was driven away from my family at a young age.

Jephthah didn’t let his family or his circumstances bring him down. He didn’t let any of this stop him from being who God wanted him to be.

Unfortunately I spent so many years not realizing that I too could be a mighty warrior. That God had better plan for me.  I let being a homeless teen, family circumstance, body image, hurt feelings… stop me from being who God wanted me to be.

And at the right time, just as it states in Romans 5:6, God knew the right time to bring me out of my sin, to raise me up and give me the confidence I needed to fight. To fight for who He made me. To fight for the life He wanted me to have. To leave my sin behind. To not be ashamed of who I was and everything I had experienced prior to Him. It is good to be reminded.

Praise be to God!


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