I’m almost done reading through Joshua today. And it strikes me “So be very careful to love the Lord your God” Joshua 23:11. Then I search careful through the scriptures and see that God says a lot about being careful. Careful; cautious, heedful, alert, attentive, watchful, vigilant, wary, on guard, deliberate.

I’m reminded to be very careful to love the Lord my God (Josh 23:11), careful not sacrifice anywhere I please (Deut 12:13), careful how I live (Eph 5:15), careful to obey (Lev 26:3), give careful thought (Prov 4:26), to be a careful listener (Prov 21:28), careful attention (Prov 27:23), careful thoughts to my ways (Hag 1:7), careful to what is right (Rom 12:17), careful to not fall (1 Corin 10:12). Be careful!

God knows. He knows that we are going to have many pitfalls. He knows that Satan is just waiting for us. He knows I can be independent. So he warns me to be very careful. He warns me in Ephesians 5:15 to be very careful, then, how I live – not as unwise but as wise.

I don’t know about you but my wise does not always align with God unless I am prayer. Both intentional and spontaneous prayer. I need to be in prayer. Only then can I be assured that I am aligning myself up with God. Allowing God to guide my directions by both being in His word and by prayer.


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